My work explores feelings of metaphysical alienation and the complexity of our place in an increasingly concrete world. It examines the fractious mechanics of the relationship between living and being in a post-modern world, where the eternal pursuit of the sublime is often lost in a deluge of temptation and desire, exacerbated by the contemporary noise. 

By generating space as well as narrative, I am building a vital, immersive world that echoes the emotional disturbance of the struggle between self and other; one that seeks to envelop its observer and gives a platform from which to interrogate the darkest, most chaotic elements of our emotional experience.

The decadence of the central figurative swarm—sometimes congested, at other times fractured—seeks to capture the disorientation of the increasing assault of the demands of a contemporary world, exploring its complex dichotomy with the essential human experience and the conflict that arises as we wrestle with that constant dialogue.

Evolving organically, the drawings have an elemental fluidity, appearing in a constant state of transmutation. As the fragments and shapes shift, so does the conversation between former and future self, further questioning the concept of our own being. There is a strong inference of the natural world within the figures, confronting our growing sense of alienation from it and challenging the observer to draw parallels with our internal human state. I invite the observer to examine, and attempt to connect with, the deepest parts of our humanity. And as the drawing unravels, we begin to get a sense of an instinctive space where the'other' might be found. Indeed, these heady, overtly hallucinatory configurations play in the spaces between the conscious and unconscious, where emotion and memory are rooted in the instinctive and primal, and this is crucial as we confront the essential truth of the work.


BA(Hons) Fine Art University College Falmouth



Solo exhibition, Coates and Scarry, Gallery 8, London

Feral Angel, TaAp Residency at Porthmeor Studios, St.Ives

Newlyn Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall


Art Central, Hong Kong, Coates and Scarry

Context Art Miami, Coates and Scarry Miami
Complicit, Group exhibition, Coates and Scarry, Gallery 8, London.
RA Summer Exhibition, London
Black Swan Open, Frome, Somerset
Badcocks Small things matter, Tremenherre Sculpture Gardens, Cornwall

WAC, Wells, Somerset
Critics Choice, NSA, Cornwall
From there to here, Elysium Gallery, Colorado and Swansea
Interplay, Inland arts festival, Cornwall
Limbo, TAP residency, Southend
Cultivate Evolved, London

Lucid, Bo Lee Gallery, London
Suspended Sentences, The Combe, Newlyn
Fiat Lux, Taap, Truro
Limbo, Leth, Truro

NOAC, London and Chichester
RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol
Odds against tomorrow, Bearspace gallery, London
Doorpainting prize, Bristol
BEEP Wales, Swansea
The other art fair, London
Project 2012, London

Mostyn Open, Llandudno, Wales
PRINT! The Exchange, Penzance
Salon Photo Prize, Matt Roberts Arts, London

NOAC, Chichester
Threadneedle Prize, London
Salon Art Prize, Matt Roberts Arts, London
After the end, Elysium Gallery, Swansea

NOAC, Chichester


2014 - WAC Open, Selected

2012 - NOAC, Selected

2012 - BEEP Wales, Selected

2011 - Mostyn Open, Selected

2010 - Threadneedle Prize, Selected

2010 - NOAC, Selected

2009 - NOAC, Selected

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