My practice delves into the sacred feminine and the rediscovery of our connection to nature. Through my paintings, drawings and prints, in this latest series I explore themes of feminine spirituality, as a way to reshape our understanding of identity and place, reinventing a new personal and collective narrative. Looking towards a more holistic approach to the environment amid the looming threat of climate change and dominance of the patriarchy.
My work is fed by memories and experiences from my youth -- swimming in the local rivers, exploring fields and woods, climbing trees and building camps, making perfume from rose petals, picking fruit and berries. Religion also played a role in my early life, I attended Church and participated in the 'Children of God' youth group. The influence of spiritual matriarchs have been present during my life, particularly during my time in St. Buryan, the ‘witch's village’, nestled amidst ancient standing stones. Today, tending to my garden, and walking in nature connect to the earth and further shape my current works.
My works draw inspiration from ecofeminist artists and female surrealist artists. Additionally ancient mythology and religion, Rococo and baroque religious architecture and design are also influences.

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